you will be bored, maybe expect royal gold plated master bedrooms, cancel your booking.

Our hotel is for people who needs to be here because of their job, or wants to explore holland in the daytime, thinks Amsterdam is to crowded and never wants to pay 5 euro per hour for parking. Not to mention the prices in bars and restaurants

Hotel Beverwijk is not even 10 minutes driving from the beach.

Within 300 meters you''ll find the biggest in and outdoor market from europe (weekends only) 30 minutes by train from amsterdam centrum. And good to know, a Free drop off at the station with our shuttle service. And what about this one:'' You can stay in a hotel with the best location there is, First of all, you will pay for it, trust me. But why you need it if your working in the daytime or visiting a tourist attraction somewhere in Holland. What you will see or notice from your expensive paid location if your sleeping, eyes closed..i may hope. Hotel Beverwijk provides you a good, comfortable and quiet night for the next day trip.

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