Terms and Conditions

  1. The liability for my bill is not waived and that I agree to be held personally accountable if the indicated person, company or association fails to pay for any part or full amount of Hotel Beverwijk Hotel charges

  2. Hotel Beverwijk reserves the right to charge 100% in the event guest leaves earlier than the original departure date. 

  3. Only registered guests with valid identification will be issued additional keys or be allowed access into the hotel room by Hotel management, in case keys are misplaced or lost.

  4. Guests should ensure that their hotel room door is always properly secure. Hotel management cannot be held responsible for any personal items and valuables left in guest rooms. In Room Safes are provided and recommended for guest use.

  5. Registered guests will be held responsible for any missing or damaged items in their hotel room or any internal/external areas of Hotel. This liability extends to both registered guests and their visitors.

  6. Guests found in the act of or with evidence of smoking while on Hotel / premises will incur a 250 euro fine per occurrence, except for smoking in designated smoking areas. We ask you to leave the hotel immediately. We have a zero-tolerance policy if the safety or our next guests healthy is not taken seriously. On every balcony you'll find astrey's. Never throw cigarettes on the roof when done smoking. 

  7. Visitors are not permitted in guest room after Midnight.​​

  8. It's prohibited toho more people sleep then the amount of people you booked for. Because of safety regulations we need to know the exact amount of people to hand over the authorities in case of an emergency. If you don't report extra guests, there is a big change we ask you to leave immediately if we find out you have extra guests .Respect our safety rules and responsibility for the other guests. 

  9. Paid sexual activities is strictly forbidden by law and our terms. We have to report this kind of activities immediately - we will ask you to leave our property immediately without any refund.    


  1. invoices / pro forma invoices must be paid before checking in or within 14 days after receiving the pro forma invoice

  2. Invoice: When you checked out and we recieved your roomkey the invoice will send automatically to the email address which is used when you booked your room.  


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